Our Mission

The All Hands Alliance Mission

To inspire action by individual boaters to do their part every day to clean up and maintain our oceans and waterways.

What Does All Hands Alliance Do?

The goal of All Hands Alliance is to meet the issues of marine pollution head-on and actively engage and inspire the boating community to clean up the waterways and oceans. We hope to make a difference in the cleanliness and health of the oceans we love, and also to preserve boating as we know it for future generations. We are not driven by a single ideology, instead we’re inspired to ensure that we pass down the joy of being on the water to our children and their children.

What’s at stake: Humans have long polluted the oceans, dumping trash, pumping chemical, agricultural, and industrial waste and sewage into waterways for centuries. We need to change our ways, actively alter our mind-set, and find a different path. It’s up to us to put a stop to the pollution, clean it up when we can, and inspire others to join us.

The world’s oceans do a lot of the work to keep our planet habitable, absorbing much of the pollution that we produce already. It’s proven science that the oceans and polar ice caps are absorbing the brunt of human-inflicted damage on the earth. The physical and chemical impacts of plastic waste on marine water quality and wildlife are additional strains that must be reduced. And since humankind has caused the problem, it only stands to reason that we should try to clean it up. We have the science now, and a better understanding of the damage we have caused, and we have a love of the sea.

The only way forward is to work together to change the impact of pollution. Boaters need to take a leadership role, to inspire their communities to do what it takes to clean up the ocean and waterways.

Let’s Build Awareness to Help Communities Make a Change

Our goal is not ecosystem management or even a higher focus on ecosystem restoration. We aim to engage the boating community to do their part every day to eliminate trash from our oceans and waterways, and curb the use of single-use plastics through grassroots action and community activism to do our part to help stop the destruction of our oceans. Also, we’re looking ahead, to see how we can engage boaters and the greater community to inspire action through grassroots support.